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In uncertain times, people tend to turn to things they trust. 
GDH has been at the vanguard of broadcast media, and we still play a major role in reaching a mass audience. With advertisers shifting to a greater emphasis on brand identity, we have seen many clients consolidating their expenditure, rather than having it fragmented into various (online) channels. 

TVC Advertising

It still really works. Therefore, it’s no surprise that brands who use TV and video content to reach their audience continue to perform really well. The appeal of video content and the familiarity that TV provides, along with sight, sound and movement has been a mainstay of the GDH strategy for thirty years. Campaigns on TV are easily validated and highly successful.

Radio Advertising

Another mainstay and familiar medium used by GDH clients is radio. It allows us to leverage the power of sound and maximise content making a local impact and building community engagement via their trusted broadcaster. Our approach is intuitive and modern and our clients reap the benefits of over thirty years of trading and relationships that we have with our suppliers.


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