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Given the rate of change in our industry, workplace and
our lives, right now is a good time to be thinking about the future of your advertising and marketing. Your business model and goals are important because it ultimately dictates the service model required to achieve the business milestones. 


In recent times, clients have had to juggle their time and investments across creative, media, planning, research and production. Add to this the complicated impact that Digital and Social media have added.

GDH offers strategic and well researched creative formulae that produce results combining  business thinking with a hearty dose of hard work and modern interpretation. It's our starting point and guides what we can do together and what path we take.



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Clients have been facing some serious advertising service fragmentation and confusion making it extremely difficult for them to navigate. But, we are starting to see all aspects of media and creative merge again – whether it be digital or traditional.

GDH proposes to clients that rather than juggle their time, they should invest in a relationship that provides them with an advertising and marketing business partner.

It becomes intimate, where all parties benefit and have great knowledge of each other's businesses.

As your business companion, GDH can provide intelligence, knowledge, strategy, creative, data and science required to deliver your requirements.


All in one place!


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Craig Gardner


Craig is an experienced Advertising, Media, Marketing Specialist. With over 35 years worth of knowledge, Craig knows everything there is when it comes to old fashioned sales and a full service advertising experience. He has a real desire for helping clients integrate campaigns via personal and professional networks and relationships.

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Janet Dixon

Finance Director

As the co-founding Director of GDH some 30 years ago, Janet has had extensive experience of working with many high-profile organisations. Janet is currently focused on the Financial side, but hands on with Media, Client Service, Production and the day to day workings within the agency.

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